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Taking Care of Your Health With Natural Methods

Taking care of your health doesn't have to mean being inundated with medication from your doctor. Instead of heading to get pain pills for your back pain, why not take a natural approach that will invigorate you and improve your overall quality of life? There are a variety of ways to reduce pain in the body without having to face any side effects that medications are so well known for, like nausea and drowsiness. Through exercise and diet, you can make a big improvement on the negative impacts you're experiencing due to pain. This blog was created to provide those who are suffering with pain of any kind find relief through natural methods. Hopefully, some of the content here can help you find a solution!

3 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your First Naturopath Visit When You Have Skin Problems

A visit to a naturopathy clinic is a good option if you are suffering from skin issues or diseases and would like to try natural options. A skilled naturopath can help diagnose the specific issue and then pinpoint the types of treatment that may work for your case. The following tips can help you prepare for the appointment so that you can reap the biggest benefits from your visit.

Tip #1: Bring Your Medical History

Although traditional naturopath healthcare can vary considerable from modern western medicine, your naturopathic doctor will still need to see what types of treatment you have recently undergone. Knowing what has been tried, what has been effective, and what hasn't worked provides them with the basic framework to begin treatment. Bring all of the following:

  • Your personal and family medical history.

  • A copy of any recent blood or lab tests.

  • Previous treatments. For example, if you were diagnosed with skin cancer, let your naturopath know if you have had moles removed or underwent radiation treatment.

  • Current medications, including prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, and natural supplements.

  • Any current treatment recommendations from a medical doctor, even if you don't intend to follow through with them.

Tip #2: Be Open to Multiple Treatment Options

The best naturopaths do not work within a bubble. This is especially true if they are treating severe skin conditions, such as skin cancer. Your naturopath will likely request the contact information for your current family medical doctor, along with any specialists that you have seen or are currently seeing. This information allows all of your medical professionals to work together so they can help formulate the best treatment plan for you. For example, your medical doctor may opt to hold off on an invasive treatment to see if a more natural remedy yields results first.

For many people seeking naturopathic treatment, a distaste of modern medical practices or a preference for natural remedies is often at the root. A naturopath, though, is more interested in healing both your body and mind. This means they may advise that you consider a multi-pronged treatment plan that includes both natural and modern remedies and treatment procedures.

Tip #3: Make a Question List

Before each visit, but especially your first, make a list of questions to ask your new naturopath. Basic questions should focus on the naturopath's experience with treating your condition or symptoms, along with what types of treatment they focus on. Some naturopaths are general purpose, drawing from a large store of treatment options, while others focus on specific treatments, such as herbal supplements or acupuncture.

Also, bring specific questions you have about your condition or general health. Do not be afraid to bring up any questions or concerns, or to share any symptoms, even if you aren't sure if they are important. Your naturopath needs to foster a close and understanding relationship with you in order to properly diagnose and treat your condition, and one way they do this is through education. For example, a rash could be related to a thyroid condition, so if you are also experiencing fatigue and cold sensitivity, tell your naturopath. Although you may not think these symptoms are related to the rash, they could be the key to a quick diagnosis.