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Taking Care of Your Health With Natural Methods

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What Should You Know About EMSELLA Chair Treatment?

Dealing with incontinence can be challenging. Not only does urinary incontinence cause inconvenience to sufferers, but it can also cause embarrassment, which can lead to social withdrawal. Fortunately, there are non-invasive treatments for urinary incontinence that can help you with your bladder retention issues. One treatment utilizes an EMSELLA chair to stimulate the pelvic muscles. These are four things you should know about EMSELLA chair treatment:

1. EMSELLA chair treatment can treat urinary incontinence stemming from a variety of sources.

Urinary incontinence can occur for a variety of reasons. Some women experience incontinence after childbirth due to the changes that occur during pregnancy and labor. Incontinence can also be caused by stress, injury, or some forms of sexual dysfunction. EMSELLA chair treatment can be used by men and women who experience incontinence for any of these reasons.

2. EMSELLA chair treatment may be more effective than performing manual pelvic floor exercises.

Kegel exercises are commonly used to strengthen the pelvic floor, which can lessen the symptoms of urinary incontinence. However, it can be difficult for some people to remember to perform these exercises every day. Fortunately, EMSELLA chair treatment is an effective way to exercise the pelvic muscles. It may even be more effective than manual pelvic floor exercises since the magnetic fields used by the EMSELLA chair can cause involuntary muscle contractions that cannot be performed alone. Utilizing all the muscles of your pelvic floor can improve your strength and produce results in the form of decreased incontinence.

3. EMSELLA chair treatment is fast.

Most people don't want to spend more time at their doctor's office than they have to. Fortunately, EMSELLA chair treatment is not time-consuming. According to The Urology Partnership, EMSELLA chair treatment can be completed in under 30 minutes. The short duration and effectiveness of this treatment can ensure that even busy people can receive the treatment they need for their urinary incontinence.

4. EMSELLA chair treatment offers results in just a few sessions.

Many people require multiple appointments to see results from EMSELLA chair treatment. Fortunately, results can appear after just a few treatment sessions. Your doctor can help you space out these sessions in an optimal schedule. The ability to achieve fast results means that you won't have to suffer from urinary incontinence for longer than necessary; you'll be able to get back to your life without having to worry about experiencing embarrassing urinary accidents in public.

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